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  • Almond Curl

    15.00 AED

    Marzipan, white egg, cane sugar, almond slices, 72% dark chocolate



  • Choco Nutty

    15.00 AED

    Choco Nutty





  • Choco Power Ball

    9.00 AED

    No bake cake of cookie butter flavoured with chocolate and spices


  • Chocolate Butter Croissants Bakers Kitchen UAE

    Chocolate Butter Croissant

    14.00 AED

    Wheat Butter Croissant, Chocolate

  • Nougat Ring

    15.00 AED

    vegan cookie, wheat flour, vegan butter, cane sugar, hazelnut nougat, coconut oil

    crushed hazelnuts, 72% dark vegan chocolate