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  • Sweet Plait

    16.19 AED23.81 AED

    wheat sour dough, wheat flour, milk, egg, pure butter, sugar, salt, minimal amount of yeast, vanilla aroma




  • Wheat 3 Seed Bread Bakers Kitchen UAE

    Wheat 3-Seeds Bread

    18.10 AED

    Wheat Sourdough Bread, Roasted 3-Seeds Mix

  • Wheat Cheese Buns

    4.76 AED

    Wheat sourdough, wheat flour, cheese, filtered water, rock salt, yeast

  • Wheat Rose Buns Bakers Kitchen UAE

    Wheat Rose Buns

    4.29 AED

    Wheat Sourdough Buns incorporated Vegan Butter and Rye Flour, Round

  • Wheat Sesame Buns

    3.33 AED

    Wheat Sourdough Bun, Roasted Sesame Seeds

  • Wild Caraway Bread

    16.19 AED35.24 AED

    Wild Bread (Wheat/Rye Mix), Caraway Seeds



  • Wild Crusty Bread Bakers Kitchen UAE

    Wild Crusty Bread

    13.33 AED27.62 AED

    Wild Bread (Wheat/Rye Mix), Crusty, Oval

  • Wild Farmer Bakers Kitchen

    Wild Farmer Bread

    13.33 AED27.62 AED

    Wild Bread (Wheat/Rye Mix), Crusty, Round

  • Zataar Butter Croissants Bakers Kitchen UAE

    Zataar Butter Croissant

    13.33 AED

    Wheat Butter Croissant, Zataar Mix