We hold regular baking / Sushi classes for adults and kids at our location in Dubai Marina.

You will learn how to make healthy bread from our Master Baker Sven. He will teach you all about the ingredients and the traditional sourdough processes that have been used for hundreds of years. Chef Heike will make you a world-class Sushi expert. And the kids can have fun when making funny animals or sourdough pizza. 

For questions and reservations, contact +971 50 260 9936


All the basics of baking with sourdough, fermentation, baking techniques and a lot of baking knowledge by Sven The Baker


Come and join Chef Heike as she teaches you how to make Sushi. A world class Sushi expert, Heike will take you through step by step, explaining the ingredients, and the tools and techniques to make the best Sushi that you can.


We are passionate about teaching kids how to make healthy food. It’s important to teach great habits at an early age so that our children can learn all about healthy food and grow up to be strong and healthy adults. Let’s show them how to make healthy and tasty food!

Enjoy and have a look of a mixture of our bakery classes.