Breads, Buns & CO.

This is our kind of bread…

Full fermented sourdough and free of any additives, chemicals, enzymes or anything that could harm your body and health. Read more below.

Rye Bread

Our Pure Rye Bread consists of 100% rye.

Base ingredients are wholegrain rye sourdough, rye flour, rock salt, full fermented filtered water.

The result of the last fermentation is a natural, little sour, juicy bread, with a medium fluffy inside and a very aromatic crust on the outside.

This bread is very suitable for friends with baking yeast allergies as the very long fermentation process breaks down most of the toxins. It is also suitable for friends with wheat intolerances as this bread is wheat-free!

The bread is easy to digest and can be eaten at any time of the day.

These breads are very common in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

It is suitable for diabetic and allergic persons. Our friends praise the positive impact on the gastrointestinal tracts. It is starch low, gluten low, and vegan.

Wild Bread

Our Wild Breads belong to the group of Rye Breads and are mainly rye flour mixed with a smaller portion of wheat flour.

We only use rye sourdough, rock salt, full fermented filtered water, and a very little amount of baking yeast together with the rye-wheat flour mix.

Due to the rye sourdough and the fermentation, the Wild Breads have a slightly sour rye taste. The inside is fluffy, moist, and soft. The broken crust is very aromatic. The typical taste of Wild Bread is achieved by a very powerful and high heated baking start.

Especially kids love our Wild Bread for their sandwiches at lunch break. Wild Bread goes well with every kind of topping. A piece from home – childhood memories – clean and real… just like back in the days!

These breads are very common in Germany, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.

These breads are vegan.

Gluten Low Bread

Our Seed or Gluten Low Breads are made of only wholegrain grains and seeds, are baking yeast-free and vegan.

A whole grain contains all edible parts of the grain, including the bran, germ, and endosperm and whole grains deliver many important nutrients.

In fact, eating whole grains is associated with various benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Regularly eating whole grains may reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. High-fiber foods like whole grains also significantly improve your digestive health.

Seed Bread is a great partner to all kind of toppings. Also try your slice toasted. 

These breads are vegan.

Feed Your Life

All ‘Feed Your Life’ Breads are vegan and made from gluten-free ingredients. The base of each bread is flax seeds, chia seeds, rock salt, baking powder, full fermented water, and extra virgin olive oil.

We add some spices, nuts, or other ingredients to enhance the flavor and health benefits for you and your body.

All these breads are ideal for all our Baker’s Kitchen Friends who are following a KETO diet. But also our non-KETO friends will love these breads for their flavors.

All breads can be eaten with all kinds of savory and sweet toppings.

With all the various additional ingredients, this bread supports your health and lowers certain health risks for your body.

The ideal partner for a healthy lifestyle in Dubai.

Heide Bread & Buns

All our Heide Breads and Buns are made of whole grain rye sourdough, a mix of wheat and rye flour, full fermented filtered water, rock salt, and a minimal amount of baking yeast. The aromatic taste comes from roasted rye flour which is added. The percentage of wheat flour is higher than rye flour.

The result is a natural, slightly sour bread, fluffy and wild from the inside with an aromatic crust. The bread is easy to digest and therefore can be eaten at any time of the day.

It is great for breakfast toast and is very similar to the typical farmer’s white bread. All kinds of toppings go well with Heide Bread.

This bread is very common and can be found worldwide.

Wheat Bread & Buns

Our Wheat Bread and Buns are made of wholemeal wheat sourdough, wholemeal wheat flour, rock salt, full fermented filtered water, and a minimal amount of baking yeast.

Wheat Bread has a very aromatic taste based on the sourdough and its full fermentation. The inside has medium-sized pores so that the toppings will not fall through. It is soft and juicy. It is a great sandwich base and tastes toasted very well. It is very alike to German White Bread.

The fermentation makes this bread very easily digestible. The nutrients are absorbed very well.

This bread is very common worldwide and in a lot of cultures.

These breads are vegan.

Brioche Breads & Buns

Our Brioche Bread and Buns are made from wheat sourdough, wheat flour, almond milk, chia, vegan margarine, rock salt, cane sugar, baking yeast, lemon zest, and a pinch of vanilla aroma.

We have mastered a vegan recipe with the same if not even better taste than the non-vegan Brioche.

When topped with butter and homemade jam it’s a delight for every sweet lover.

But topped with sesame the buns become the ideal base for your burgers. Give your burger some color with our colored burger buns. We only use natural colorings such as beetroot, spinach, and squid ink.

Give it a try next time!

Pretzels in every form

Our Pretzel dough is full fermented wheat sourdough. We use vegan butter to make all our pretzel products suitable also for Vegans. Before baking all pretzel products are dipped in lye which gives it its distinct look and taste.

Pretzel products are the perfect partner for savory toppings like cheese, charcuterie or try it with our traditional German meatloaf. Try it with just butter and sprinkle it off with chives.

Unfortunately, the humidity in the UAE makes them quickly soft, but that’s not an issue at all! We recommend you to quickly toast or re-bake it for a few minutes and they are just like fresh from Baker’s Kitchen.

This bread is vegan (when without cheese toppings).


Our Croissants are made with real butter and wheat flour.

We offer you a variety of sweet and savory croissants. One for everybody’s taste and ideal for the sweet breakfast tooth or the base of your omelette sandwich.


Our Bagels are made from wholegrain wheat sourdough, wheat flour, special filtered water, rock salt, vegan butter and a small amount of baking yeast.

We top them off with our very own roasted garlic-onion mix, or just seeds like chia, sesame or just mixed. And if you find it too difficult to put butter on a Pretzel, then try our Pretzel Bagel. Here you have just one hole.

All Bagels are going well with cream cheese, any toppings and very traditionally with smoked salmon. Try them toasted too!

Our Bagels are vegan.

Cakes & Pastry

We offer Cakes & Pastry for everyone… Find a wide range of cakes with gluten free ingredients, keto friendly, vegan friendly or just traditional – in slices or as a whole cake. And should you require a customized cake, just speak to our team. We will make it happen!