With the Covid restrictions being lifted, we all still want to feel safe! During Covid times we all got more comfortable by paying cashless.

At Baker’s Kitchen, we are offering you now cashless and contactless payments directly at your table.

And it is so easy! Scan the QR code that is placed at your table. It is connected to your bill in our system. Tell our team about any discount / Entertainer etc. during the course of your meal. When you are ready to pay, scan, check and pay directly at your table. You can even split the bill with your friends and add some tips for the team. Scroll down and leave a review if you want! Once you pay, you can leave. Splitting bills can be done by item, amount or however you want. This is up to you and your friends on the table. It was never easier!

The BEST: You don’t need to download another app! Use ApplePay, SamsungPay or enter your credit card details. It is totally safe, secure and contactless!

The feedback we have received from our Baker’s Kitchen Friends, is passed on to the developers to make it even more hassle-free.

Try it next time when you dine with us! Just ask the team!